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Cross the Atlantic With Confidence 

Tailored Big 4-caliber accounting and advisory services for cross-border transactions, IPOs, and acquisitions

Do you need a stress-free solution to handle cross-border accounting challenges?

Are you going through an accounting overhaul for an acquisition, GAAP conversion, or IPO?

Or, are you a European company venturing into the US or vice versa?

You've come to the right place.

Cross-border transactions can be a real pain in the neck, like flying in economy class on a long-haul flight. You know the drill - cramped quarters, crying babies, and a neighbor who thinks the armrest is their personal property.


It's like hiring a big consulting firm to deal with your cross-border transaction headaches. Sure, they send in a whole team of people, including an expensive partner, but do they provide the personalized attention and practical know-how you need? Or do they intrude on your space, leave you feeling overwhelmed, and provide theoretical knowledge without any practical considerations?


Consider also the impact on your staff if you decide to handle this all in-house. Are late nights and mounting task lists effective, or do they disrupt your team's accounting operations, like a flight attendant's drink cart bumping your elbow?


Cross-border transactions don't have to work like this.

Envision the alternative: the luxurious feeling of sitting in first class with a warm towel, a glass of champagne, and personalized service. 

That's where I come in. 
Katrina Nacci, CPA

With my big 4 pedigree, time spent in industry, and extensive experience in cross-border transactions, I can help you navigate accounting & reporting complexities seamlessly without breaking the bank. 


Whether you need assistance with pre-IPO readiness, IPO execution, GAAP conversions, or operationalizing accounting post-acquisition, I provide personalized attention and practical know-how for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Save time, money, and headaches. Let me handle your cross-border accounting needs while you focus on your day-to-day operations. Contact me today for a stress-free consultation.

What Keeps You Up At Night?

As a business involved in international transactions and cross-border financial reporting, you will face regulatory and cultural challenges that come with significant risks.


Don't assume that bringing in a big firm or overloading your in-house team is an effective way to handle these obstacles. Instead, work with someone with specialized knowledge, personalized service, and tailored solutions.


Consider some of the potential pain points you may encounter as a CFO looking to do business across the Atlantic:

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has specific rules and regulations that govern IPOs as well as ongoing reporting for public companies. The NYSE & NASDAQ have their own rules around governance & board oversight. 


Failure to comply can result in significant penalties.


You must understand these regulations. You will be responsible for compliance during the initial offering, ongoing reporting, and any signficant events. You need to know how to speak the language of the SEC.

How Can I Help?

Well, I assume if you read this far, you need help with your cross-border accounting. So, let me ask you another question--

Think of your potential partners for this project you have in mind...

How many of them have lived & breathed the cross-border life as a US CPA living abroad for the past decade?

I would say that's pretty narrow already. And within that pool,

How many have both big 4 experience across 3 continents & have also spent time in industry, building a finance function from scratch?

Can't think of anyone else but me? Yeah, neither can I.... 

My Services

Image by Sean Pollock
Accounting Advisory

Accounting Advisory

Get expert help with complex topics
  • IFRS/US GAAP/European GAAP Conversions 

  • Technical Accounting Memos 

  • Implementation of New Accounting Standards

  • Cross-Border Acquisition Accounting Advice

IPO Readiness & Execution

IPO Readiness & Execution

Prepare efficiently & effectively for your transaction
  • IPO Readiness Assessments 

  • Audit Documentation 

  • IPO Project Planning 

  • SEC Disclosure Best Practices 

  • Financial Information Drafting

Internal Control & Process Improvement

Internal Control & Process Improvement

Run your operations smoothly
  • SOX Compliance Framework

  • Control & Process Design 

  • Close Process Improvement 

  • Hands-on Acquisition Operationalization & Implementation 

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Why settle for economy class services when you can experience the personalized attention & expertise you get with first class?

I blend a Big 4 pedigree & hands-on industry experience with a unique international perspective & practical approach. Delivering results-oriented solutions without breaking the bank. 

With personalized attention & practical know-how, let me make your IPO readiness, IPO execution, GAAP conversion or cross-border acquisition accounting smooth & hassle free. I work in the background without disrupting your workflow or needing constant hand-holding. 

Let's work together. Take the weight off your shoulders for your cross-border accounting & reporting. 

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