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Service Offering

Looking to collaborate with a specialized cross-border accounting expert?

Wanting to empower your team with confidence in executing a cross-border transaction?

Hoping to remove the stress associated with getting up to speed on multiple accounting & reporting jurisdictions? 


I offer a broad range of specialized solutions to provide value and drive growth!

What can I help you with today?

Services-Accounting Advisory

Accounting Advisory

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IFRS - US GAAP Conversion

Technical Accounting Memos

Implementation of New Accounting Standards

Desktop or comprehensive in-depth reviews of standards & company policies, quantify differences between GAAPs, and draft memos outlining the necessary steps to achieve compliance.

Research & write technical and complex accounting memos based on company-specifics, providing clarity and guidance on even the most intricate accounting issues

Start-to-finish scope including research how new accounting standards affect your company, document effects of implementation, and quantify & propose adjustments, ensuring compliance and accuracy in financial reporting

Services - IPO

IPO Readiness & Execution

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IPO Readiness Assessments

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Audit Documentation

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IPO Project Planning

Desktop or comprehensive assessments to identify gaps in processes, controls, and financial close inefficiencies, while also providing recommendations for improvement & timeline for implementation based on "need to have" for regulatory compliance or "nice to have" best practices

Set up controls frameworks, documentation, and support systems to enable your auditors to work efficiently and effectively, ensuring that your company financials can stand up to regulatory compliance

Create and manage timelines, coordinate with reporting accountants, banks, and lawyers to ensure that all parties involved in the IPO process are aligned and the transaction is executed smoothly

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Disclosure Best Practices

Financial Information Drafting

Conduct peer research on disclosure best practices and SEC comment letter trends, provide guidance and advice to ensure your company's disclosure practices are up-to-date and compliant with current regulations

Draft the financial information (including MD&A) to be included in your offering materials, ensuring that it is accurate, complete, and clearly presented

Internal Control & Process Improvements

Services- Controls&Process Improvemen
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Process Design

Close Process Improvement

Analyze your business and stakeholder needs, and draft processes, procedures, timelines, checklists, and reconciliations to help you streamline your operations

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Hands-on Implementation

Take a hands-on approach to implementing new accounting processes or improving existing ones, so you get the benefits without the pain

Assess your closing process to determine bottlenecks and areas for improvement, to expedite your financial reporting and achieve better results

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SOX Compliance

Build or strengthen your SOX 404 (a) and (b) controls framework, risk assessments, and certification processes, to ensure compliance and mitigate risks effectively

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